Page after page you will find the beats, the sighs and the emotions of the most important day of your life

We open our mailbox and it is there, waiting for us: on precious paper and in beautiful calligraphy, the announcement invites us to the long-awaited Wedding! Thus, the search for the perfect outfit for the chosen location begins and a question arises: what could we gift to the happy wedding couple? It is true: wedding and travel lists undoubtedly simplify the “work” of the guest, but there are still those people who prefer to opt for a gift that will remain as a souvenir of the Big Day.

Talk, tell each other good stories. Because nothing reaches the heart more than words.

Daniele Massi

Let’s face it, it is not so easy to find a gift that will ignite a true “wow-effect”, one that will deeply excite the Guests of Honour! A truly original and absolutely exclusive idea could be that of the Wedding Writers’ Tale of Marriage.

How was the idea of  Wedding Writers created?

The idea of MyWeddingStory was conceived in 2016 by two writers, Daniele Massi and llaria Bigonzi, based in the Marche region, during the marriage of two dear friends who had chosen them as wedding witnesses. They told us about the epiphany that led them to become Marriage Writers.

“It was during a Church Ceremony, with many guests, and that joyful noise that accompanies the wedding of the youngest couples. It was during the celebration of that ritual that a light bulb lit up in our minds. While the musicians played Schubert’s Ave Maria on  the cello, a lady whispered something into the groom’s ear, which made him move. The photographer caught that moment, but what did that lady say? It was lost, forever. That wedding baptized us as Wedding Writers, so that moments and whispers like those would not be lost, and that confessions would live again in words. ”

The Wedding Writers, who are present throughout the Wedding Day, will use their talents to create and tell the real story of the Wedding Couple and their love story – which will also live through the stories of the guests – and where this couple will truly be the main characters. Who hasn’t identified with the personalities and heroes in a book, at least once? Well, through the eyes and the pen of the Wedding Writers, this will be really possible.

The story will then be a real book, very exclusive and artistic. Bound by hand, printed on watermark paper, coated with fine fabrics and an author’s bookmark make it a truly unique gift, to be honored and coveted. Additional note: the cover, hand-painted by an artist, makes the Wedding Book an even more elegant and original gift. The service, over the years, has been refined more and more, to the point of also making use of the collaboration with a prestigious amanuensis workshop, with a theatrical actress for the empathic reading of the story.

It is undeniable that we live in the digital age, which gives less and less space to the press. But for many people, the scent of paper and the sweet rustling of pages still represent an irresistible charm, full of memories and emotions. The Wedding Book is an exclusive gift idea, naturally suitable for a bibliophile couple or simply for two book lovers, and especially in the occasion of a vintage and bohemian-themed wedding.

Naturally, the wedding couple can commission the Wedding Writers, through the website, in order to have a unique memory of their marriage that will last forever.

Here is the fondest memory of the Wedding Writers, who were commissioned by a couple about to get married: “Shortly after the approval of the Cirinnà law, which establishes same-sex unions, we were contacted by two men from Urbino. We witnessed a very heartfelt ceremony, intimate and emotional. Colors, passion and the conquest of a long-awaited right gave the event a beautiful feeling. Their joy in reading our story was, then, the icing on the cake. ”

In a nutshell, if you want to capture pure emotions, Wedding Writers can help you create the perfect wedding gift!