Each individual has his/her style: there are those who consider themselves more classic, while other love to dare a little more. We have dedicated this section to those who have decided to personalize their style on their wedding day, without sacrificing elegance…

The dress is certainly the element that, more than any other, may guarantee maximum customization. But there are many other small details that can help you create your unique style. Let’s see some together:


To define the bouquet as just a detail would not be giving it its proper place at your wedding. The bouquet plays a leading role in your wedding. The choice of its shape and flowers that it will be composed of will undoubtedly express your personality.


The hat is an extremely glamorous detail. You could wear Borsalino or Panama for a summer or beach wedding, cloth-cap for an extravagant charming-retro style. A cap with veil or bonnet for vintage brides would be both classic and modern at the same time.

Etiquette note: men should not wearing hats indoors.


Highly customizable – in fact, ad hoc engravings may be made specifically for the occasion and can even be paired with your partner’s. Whatever the style, cufflinks will be an irresistible and indispensable detail for many grooms.


A classic-cut dress, for example, can be transformed into modern by bold and urban make-up. Colored lips: why not? But it is advisable not to overdo it with the rest of the make-up and other details.


Colorful, retro, sensual, sporty or rock: to each his/her own shoe! A unique suggestion: the soles could be customized with small inscriptions or incisions. A nice and irreverent detail, which will be captured in the photos.

These small details will reveal a lot about you and your couple. Your style choices will undoubtedly contribute to personalizing your big day.

Our advice? A few well thought-out details that really speak about you and your love story will prove to be the best choice!