Suggestions for organizing your wonderful event

Say that you are leaving for that beach dream vacation, or you have planned an unforgettable weekend by the sea; and all the while, you’re thinking of how to organize your wedding. A spontaneous and exciting idea comes to you: why don’t we get married on a beautiful boat? It’s a great option: the sweet intimacy created by the quiet ambiance and the gentle rocking of waves makes it a perfect place to exchange vows, surrounded by your closest family and friends. A wedding boat is ideal for those who dream about a wedding with a sophisticated atmosphere, but informal and relaxed at the same time.

Two souls but a single thought, two hearts that beat like one.                                Barone Friedrich Halm

The term “boat” is actually much too general. The choices for the perfect boat for your wedding are plentiful, and can respect your own style and personality: an eco-chic sailboat, an elegant caique, a luxurious yacht or even a vintage sailing ship to help you create your own storybook fairytale wedding!

The idea of ​​the boat can also be taken into consideration for only part of your celebration: for example, for a romantic exchange of vows, an alternative and fun aperitif, or a spectacular cake cutting in the moonlight. And let’s not just talk about the Big Day: why not choose the boat as a place for a wonderful wedding proposal, or for welcoming your guests with an original pre-wedding dinner, or even for a fun bachelorette or bachelorette party?

Italy offers many exquisite venues of natural beauty, with many wonderful settings for your “I do’s”. In a natural environment such on a sea, you won’t need many decorations to create the perfect wedding ambiance: small details such as light fabrics with delicate nuances, candles, marine details and flowers can help create a romantic and spectacular setting.

But where?  Let’s sail around the peninsula and discover just a handful of the most enchanting places where you can celebrate your wonderful event.

Cinque Terre

One of the most well-know spots on the Italian Riviera, this area is full of ancient villages with colorful houses and vineyards, making this a romantic and fascinating place.


Beautiful coves and infinite shades of vibrant sea colors. With a sea breeze that blends the aromas of juniper and myrtle, this natural wonder of an island will make you speechless!

Amalfi Coast

All you need is the name “Amalfi Coast” to evoke the sweetness of the coast and the scent of lemon groves. A classically vintage and always fascinating location.

Eolian Islands           

Panarea, Lipari, Salina – just to name a few. If you love volcanic and rugged Mediterranean landscapes, this is the place for you.


A very modern and super-chic destination, recently chosen by numerous celebrities for their weddings, it is known as wonderful venue for spectacular weddings and wonderful food!

Sirolo and Mount Conero

The Marche coast, perhaps the least known among those named but equally fascinating, can be a breathtaking setting for your wedding.


The last leg of our journey is known as one of the most romantic destinations, par excellence. Saying your “I do’s” in the middle of the Lagoon will be something unforgettable, both for you and for your guests.

Pamper Your Guests

Making certain that your guests are comfortable and happy will be the key to the success of your event. Create small relaxation areas: a corner where you can take off your shoes, luxurious pillows  to lounge on, and blankets to help keep cool in the evening when the temperature dips. You may also want to prepare comfort wedding bags, with everything you need for daily care: sunscreen creams, fans, sunglasses, etc.

The Wedding Planner’s suggestion: always provide a valid Plan B! The idea of ​​a wedding on a boat is wonderful but unfortunately, subject to the whims of the weather. Therefore, always plan an equally charming alternative to welcome your guests, even in case of bad weather! In the end, however you choose to celebrate your wedding, your big day will be unique and beautiful, no matter the weather!

So, slip your moccasins and put your sunglasses on: your boat wedding is waiting for you!