A spectacular wedding in the coziest season of the year

The summer months are certainly the most popular for the majority of the couples. With its beautiful and long days, summer is, actually, the perfect season for weddings! However, the trend is changing, and many brides and grooms are choosing fall for their big days. The warm colors of this season and the early sunsets make fall an ideal setting, both for a romantic and a photographic point of view.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

-Albert Camus

There are several valid reasons for choosing an autumn wedding. Let’s see some of them:

Colors and Foliage.

Shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, purple and green will create an intimate setting for your wedding. Nature, during autumn, is incredibly beautiful to the point that foliage is one of the most photographed natural phenomena in the world. An incredible background for your wedding!

Food and wine

Pumpkin, pomegranates, mushrooms, truffles: these autumn treasures will enrich your wedding menu and, why not, the ceremony and reception decor. The wine, protagonist of this season, will have a role of main importance even during your wedding. You can regale your guests with chocolate, digestive or herbal teas tasting, which will make the atmosphere even more welcoming.


This season also offers a wide range of wonderful destinations for planning your honeymoon. Here are some of the most beautiful destinations for an autumn honeymoon:

Japan. The Rising Sun is one of the most popular destinations of this season. Thanks to the perfect climate and wonderful colors of the leaves, which give a poetic touch to the temples and parks of the main cities. Kyoto, in particular, is the recommended destination for admiring the foliage.

Seychelles. When the weather gets cold, why don’t you plan a romantic getaway in a tropical paradise? The Seychelles, with their 115 islands, represent a true timeless classic for a romantic and relaxing honeymoon.

USA and Canada. New England, Maine and Massachusetts in the United States, or Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada could be some perfect destinations for a stunning tour dedicated to the stunning nature. If you plan a stop in New York, then, you can’t miss a visit to Central Park.

Paris and Prague. Paris and Prague, two of the most enchanting European capitals, can be visited throughout the whole year but are particularly beautiful during this season, when they are painted with the colors of autumn. Two romantic destinations, rich of culture and art.

Finally, one of the aspects that should not be underestimated is certainly that of costs: in planning a wedding it often necessary to keep the budget under control. The autumn months can help you to save money: many locations reserve lower rental costs for the autumn months, allowing couples to allocate the money saved to other goals.

In short, there are many reasons to choose autumn as the season ofyour wedding. If you love the warm colors and the intense aromas of these enchanting months, you just have to plan the date of your autumn wedding!

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