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Symbolic weddings


Isn’t it wonderful to think to getting married pretty much everywhere, spending your own words to your partner and to your beautiful love story, surrounded by your nearest and dearest and your favorite music in the background?

The symbolic wedding is a completely original and elegant option. You just have to close your eyes and let emotion and imagination carry you away.

We will assist you in finding the perfect setting in line with the mood you dream for your wedding and a trustworthy master of cerimonies will support you discreetly before and during the preparation of the big day and help you making it customized and really original.

People who are closest to you could be engaged during the cerimony, making your wedding even more exciting.

Very suitable for foreign couples who dream to exchange their vows in one of the many romantic views of our Country, the symbolic wedding make possible to walk happily into the sunset in your favorite location and with the assistance of a multilingual staff.

In short, you have just to imagine. We will do the rest.