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Wedding Cake: the queen of wedding

The magic of Cake Design told by Mami Louise

Right after the spouses, it is the undisputed protagonist of the marriage. What are we talking about? Of the wedding cake, of course! The Wedding Cake is not “just a cake”, but a real sense memory of the wedding. The choice must therefore be well thought out: it must be a cake that reflects your personality, the style of your wedding and, of course, your tastes.

We interviewed Fabiana Bagnuoli, General Manager of Mami Louise, a reality on the rise in the Italian Cake Design scene. The company has its own creative base in Milan, but it has brought its sweet creations all over Italy.

Tell us a little about how Mami Louise’s idea was born…

“The history of Mami Louise started in 2013 with so much passion with a small cake design and sweet catering. How? From a meeting between North and South, between Fabiana and Valentina, who had a shared background in the Milanese fashion world and an innate predisposition for big dreams. We are a young team of creative girls with a lot of passion and positive energy. We always love to put ourselves on the line, experimenting with new things, playing with products and ranging in areas and situations that are perhaps far from the pastry shop, in order to establish connections and synergies with “other worlds”  for working creatively, having fun, but always maintaining our strong points of quality and craftsmanship.”

What is your working method?

“All our work starts from the meeting and the sharing of information with our customers; we always try to share the artistic vision of the project. We listen to their wishes that become the guidelines of our work, but at the same time we keep our “stylistic rules” firmly in order to be able to realize a special project following all the shared inputs and desires; if we do not agree on a choice, we do not hesitate to report it, trying to direct the customer in the direction most appropriate to us, according to our experience in this sector. Once the creative idea is defined, the first phase of our “manual process” consists in the creation of sketches that help us to “transcribe” on paper what has been shared and approved; after this process, the manual realization of the cake starts, in its realization and decoration.”

In the meantime, we carry out our filling proposals, trying to direct customers to products and raw materials that are pertinent to the season. Our pastry team always tries to experiment with new versions and combinations according to the current trends; we like to propose them, even if sometimes they can be a bit bizarre. ”

What are your tips for a perfect Sweet Table?

“Our first suggestion for creating a beautiful and scenographic Sweet Table is to choose at least four different types of products to be displayed together with the cake. An example would be: macarons, cookies, cupcakes and cake pops. The options are endless: everything is customizable and depends on the tastes and preferences of our customers, but it is important for us to have their 100% trust for liberating so that the common thread of the event / celebration that starts from the cake will also be applied to all the rest.”

What is the wedding project that has remained in your heart?

“All the weddings we worked on were very touching and exciting for us: sharing moments with the spouses, living together their journey is very exciting for us, but at the same time it charges us with great responsibility. The “moment of the cake” is the moment that everyone waits with great emphasis. Reading in the eyes of our spouses the joy and happiness for having realized what was in their dreams is the biggest and most important confirmation for us. ”

You work a lot with companies too, don’t you?

“Yes, we work a lot with companies for corporate projects: seeding or gifting activities, in-store events and special collaborations with specific for every request or need. Right now, what works most is personalization, so absolutely handmade and custom-made products – exactly like a tailored suit – decorated with logos or corporate details / references for the brand. We use the support of an internal graphic designer in our laboratory that study and create “tailored” layouts for each individual project, both for the products and the packaging”.

What is your strength?

“We are a young team of creative girls with so much passion and positive energy. We like to always put ourselves on the line, experiment with new things, play with products and wander in areas and situations that are perhaps far from the pastry shop, in order to establish connections and synergies with “other worlds” to be able to work creatively, having fun, but always maintaining our strong points of quality and craftsmanship “.

One last curiosity: why the name “Mami Louise”?

“The inspiration comes from the “Mami”, smiling and busy ladies with dirty flour aprons, typical of the American 50s advertisements, and from “Louisa”, the pug of Valentina, my partner and cake designer, that become the symbol-icon of our logo.”


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Gettin married in autumn, between foliage and good wine

A spectacular wedding in the coziest season of the year

The summer months are certainly the most popular for the majority of the couples. With its beautiful and long days, summer is, actually, the perfect season for weddings! However, the trend is changing, and many brides and grooms are choosing fall for their big days. The warm colors of this season and the early sunsets make fall an ideal setting, both for a romantic and a photographic point of view.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”

-Albert Camus

There are several valid reasons for choosing an autumn wedding. Let’s see some of them:

Colors and Foliage.

Shades of red, orange, yellow, brown, purple and green will create an intimate setting for your wedding. Nature, during autumn, is incredibly beautiful to the point that foliage is one of the most photographed natural phenomena in the world. An incredible background for your wedding!

Food and wine

Pumpkin, pomegranates, mushrooms, truffles: these autumn treasures will enrich your wedding menu and, why not, the ceremony and reception decor. The wine, protagonist of this season, will have a role of main importance even during your wedding. You can regale your guests with chocolate, digestive or herbal teas tasting, which will make the atmosphere even more welcoming.


This season also offers a wide range of wonderful destinations for planning your honeymoon. Here are some of the most beautiful destinations for an autumn honeymoon:

Japan. The Rising Sun is one of the most popular destinations of this season. Thanks to the perfect climate and wonderful colors of the leaves, which give a poetic touch to the temples and parks of the main cities. Kyoto, in particular, is the recommended destination for admiring the foliage.

Seychelles. When the weather gets cold, why don’t you plan a romantic getaway in a tropical paradise? The Seychelles, with their 115 islands, represent a true timeless classic for a romantic and relaxing honeymoon.

USA and Canada. New England, Maine and Massachusetts in the United States, or Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia in Canada could be some perfect destinations for a stunning tour dedicated to the stunning nature. If you plan a stop in New York, then, you can’t miss a visit to Central Park.

Paris and Prague. Paris and Prague, two of the most enchanting European capitals, can be visited throughout the whole year but are particularly beautiful during this season, when they are painted with the colors of autumn. Two romantic destinations, rich of culture and art.

Finally, one of the aspects that should not be underestimated is certainly that of costs: in planning a wedding it often necessary to keep the budget under control. The autumn months can help you to save money: many locations reserve lower rental costs for the autumn months, allowing couples to allocate the money saved to other goals.

In short, there are many reasons to choose autumn as the season ofyour wedding. If you love the warm colors and the intense aromas of these enchanting months, you just have to plan the date of your autumn wedding!

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Wedding Writers: an exclusive wedding gift with a vintage flavor

Page after page you will find the beats, the sighs and the emotions of the most important day of your life

We open our mailbox and it is there, waiting for us: on precious paper and in beautiful calligraphy, the announcement invites us to the long-awaited Wedding! Thus, the search for the perfect outfit for the chosen location begins and a question arises: what could we gift to the happy wedding couple? It is true: wedding and travel lists undoubtedly simplify the “work” of the guest, but there are still those people who prefer to opt for a gift that will remain as a souvenir of the Big Day.

Talk, tell each other good stories. Because nothing reaches the heart more than words.

Daniele Massi

Let’s face it, it is not so easy to find a gift that will ignite a true “wow-effect”, one that will deeply excite the Guests of Honour! A truly original and absolutely exclusive idea could be that of the Wedding Writers’ Tale of Marriage.

How was the idea of  Wedding Writers created?

The idea of MyWeddingStory was conceived in 2016 by two writers, Daniele Massi and llaria Bigonzi, based in the Marche region, during the marriage of two dear friends who had chosen them as wedding witnesses. They told us about the epiphany that led them to become Marriage Writers.

“It was during a Church Ceremony, with many guests, and that joyful noise that accompanies the wedding of the youngest couples. It was during the celebration of that ritual that a light bulb lit up in our minds. While the musicians played Schubert’s Ave Maria on  the cello, a lady whispered something into the groom’s ear, which made him move. The photographer caught that moment, but what did that lady say? It was lost, forever. That wedding baptized us as Wedding Writers, so that moments and whispers like those would not be lost, and that confessions would live again in words. ”

The Wedding Writers, who are present throughout the Wedding Day, will use their talents to create and tell the real story of the Wedding Couple and their love story – which will also live through the stories of the guests – and where this couple will truly be the main characters. Who hasn’t identified with the personalities and heroes in a book, at least once? Well, through the eyes and the pen of the Wedding Writers, this will be really possible.

The story will then be a real book, very exclusive and artistic. Bound by hand, printed on watermark paper, coated with fine fabrics and an author’s bookmark make it a truly unique gift, to be honored and coveted. Additional note: the cover, hand-painted by an artist, makes the Wedding Book an even more elegant and original gift. The service, over the years, has been refined more and more, to the point of also making use of the collaboration with a prestigious amanuensis workshop, with a theatrical actress for the empathic reading of the story.

It is undeniable that we live in the digital age, which gives less and less space to the press. But for many people, the scent of paper and the sweet rustling of pages still represent an irresistible charm, full of memories and emotions. The Wedding Book is an exclusive gift idea, naturally suitable for a bibliophile couple or simply for two book lovers, and especially in the occasion of a vintage and bohemian-themed wedding.

Naturally, the wedding couple can commission the Wedding Writers, through the website, in order to have a unique memory of their marriage that will last forever.

Here is the fondest memory of the Wedding Writers, who were commissioned by a couple about to get married: “Shortly after the approval of the Cirinnà law, which establishes same-sex unions, we were contacted by two men from Urbino. We witnessed a very heartfelt ceremony, intimate and emotional. Colors, passion and the conquest of a long-awaited right gave the event a beautiful feeling. Their joy in reading our story was, then, the icing on the cake. ”

In a nutshell, if you want to capture pure emotions, Wedding Writers can help you create the perfect wedding gift!


The perfect ceremony for Sea Lovers: Recommendations for your romantic Boat Wedding in Italy

Suggestions for organizing your wonderful event

Say that you are leaving for that beach dream vacation, or you have planned an unforgettable weekend by the sea; and all the while, you’re thinking of how to organize your wedding. A spontaneous and exciting idea comes to you: why don’t we get married on a beautiful boat? It’s a great option: the sweet intimacy created by the quiet ambiance and the gentle rocking of waves makes it a perfect place to exchange vows, surrounded by your closest family and friends. A wedding boat is ideal for those who dream about a wedding with a sophisticated atmosphere, but informal and relaxed at the same time.

Two souls but a single thought, two hearts that beat like one.                                Barone Friedrich Halm

The term “boat” is actually much too general. The choices for the perfect boat for your wedding are plentiful, and can respect your own style and personality: an eco-chic sailboat, an elegant caique, a luxurious yacht or even a vintage sailing ship to help you create your own storybook fairytale wedding!

The idea of ​​the boat can also be taken into consideration for only part of your celebration: for example, for a romantic exchange of vows, an alternative and fun aperitif, or a spectacular cake cutting in the moonlight. And let’s not just talk about the Big Day: why not choose the boat as a place for a wonderful wedding proposal, or for welcoming your guests with an original pre-wedding dinner, or even for a fun bachelorette or bachelorette party?

Italy offers many exquisite venues of natural beauty, with many wonderful settings for your “I do’s”. In a natural environment such on a sea, you won’t need many decorations to create the perfect wedding ambiance: small details such as light fabrics with delicate nuances, candles, marine details and flowers can help create a romantic and spectacular setting.

But where?  Let’s sail around the peninsula and discover just a handful of the most enchanting places where you can celebrate your wonderful event.

Cinque Terre

One of the most well-know spots on the Italian Riviera, this area is full of ancient villages with colorful houses and vineyards, making this a romantic and fascinating place.


Beautiful coves and infinite shades of vibrant sea colors. With a sea breeze that blends the aromas of juniper and myrtle, this natural wonder of an island will make you speechless!

Amalfi Coast

All you need is the name “Amalfi Coast” to evoke the sweetness of the coast and the scent of lemon groves. A classically vintage and always fascinating location.

Eolian Islands           

Panarea, Lipari, Salina – just to name a few. If you love volcanic and rugged Mediterranean landscapes, this is the place for you.


A very modern and super-chic destination, recently chosen by numerous celebrities for their weddings, it is known as wonderful venue for spectacular weddings and wonderful food!

Sirolo and Mount Conero

The Marche coast, perhaps the least known among those named but equally fascinating, can be a breathtaking setting for your wedding.


The last leg of our journey is known as one of the most romantic destinations, par excellence. Saying your “I do’s” in the middle of the Lagoon will be something unforgettable, both for you and for your guests.

Pamper Your Guests

Making certain that your guests are comfortable and happy will be the key to the success of your event. Create small relaxation areas: a corner where you can take off your shoes, luxurious pillows  to lounge on, and blankets to help keep cool in the evening when the temperature dips. You may also want to prepare comfort wedding bags, with everything you need for daily care: sunscreen creams, fans, sunglasses, etc.

The Wedding Planner’s suggestion: always provide a valid Plan B! The idea of ​​a wedding on a boat is wonderful but unfortunately, subject to the whims of the weather. Therefore, always plan an equally charming alternative to welcome your guests, even in case of bad weather! In the end, however you choose to celebrate your wedding, your big day will be unique and beautiful, no matter the weather!

So, slip your moccasins and put your sunglasses on: your boat wedding is waiting for you!


The Charm of a Wedding on the Lake

Celebrated by writers, poets and musicians, the Italian lakes are undoubtedly among the most enchanting and romantic venues for celebrating your wedding. The magnificent villas, the lush parks and the elegant accommodations have attracted many couples, both Italian and foreign, to pronounce their “I do’s” in these locations.

Let’s find out which are the most famous lakes in northern Italy, where you can dream and organize your most important day:

Lake Como

Lake Como is surely one of the most famous places in the world. The charm of the mountains that plunge into the lake waters and of the characteristic places that dot it, have taken the breath away from visitors from all over the world. Many prominent figures worldwide have made Lake Como their sanctuary and the setting for their most important events.

The immortal beauty of the famous towns of Cernobbio, Bellagio, Tremezzo, Lenno and Como itself will be the perfect place for your wedding.

Lake Maggiore

Divided between Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland, Lake Maggiore is a triumph of elegance and timeless history.

The historic houses of Stresa, Pallanza, Verbania, Angera and Arona, just to mention some of the most popular places, will be a magnificent backdrop for the exchanging your vows. The pearl: the very romantic Borromean Islands, three little jewels to be discovered.

Lake Garda

Who doesn’t know Sirmione, defined by Catullo as the “pearl of the islands and peninsulas”? The romantic town is probably the most famous on the largest lake in Italy. Riva and Limone del Garda, Desenzano, Tremosine and Malcesine are some of the other treasures to be discovered.

The sweetness of the landscapes and the numerous spas make it a place of extreme relaxation. Thanks to its numerous accommodation facilities, Lake Garda is an ideal destination for organizing either a romantic elopment or a big wedding.

The typical delicacies, which are of the mild climate of the lake, will offer you and your guests a tru sensory experience.

Lake Iseo

Become very famous in recent years thanks to the installation “The Floating Piers” by the artist Christo, Lake Iseo is an unexpected destination where you can set your wedding.

The ancient towns bathed by the sweet lake waters, immersed in art and nature, will be the backdrop for your most beautiful day. The characteristic towns of Lovere, Sarnico, Iseo and the romantic Montelago will fascinate and conquer your heart.

Last but not least: the bubbles of the wines produced in Franciacorta will give a further touch of class and vivacity to your event.

All these venues will enchant your eyes and capture your heart. Your wedding on the shores of any of these lakes will be a real daydream.

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